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Crane Accessories

Chain & Web Slings - Remote Controls - Flexible Cable Systems

Chain & Web Slings

James Crane carries a comprehensive range of chain and webbing slings, including:

  • web slings
  • chain slings
  • round slings
  • endless slings
  • wire rope slings

Our state-of-the-art sling testing facility allows us to simulate your lifting environment and ensure that we identify and source the most appropriate sling for your job.


Remote Controls

James Crane is a distributor of Flex Radio remote control in Australia. We cover a wide range of remote controls for jib crane, overhead crane, mobile hydraulic and industrial applications.

Our remotes are:

  • Strong and reliable
  • Secure and dependable communications
  • Versatile yet precise operations
  • Flexible and adaptable to your specific requirements
  • Perfect for use in any applications
  • Compatible with several receivers

Flexible Cable Systems

James Crane use and reccomend the MOTIV-8 Fleaxble Cable System for Jib Cranes and Overhead Cranes.

  • Designed and manufactured in Australia
  • Proven in applications throughout the world for over 25 years
  • Full range of capacities and track profiles
  • Ex-stock or custom designed
  • Manufactured from plastic, mild steel or stainless steel
  • Broad range of high quality rollers
  • Carrying capacity from 6 to 500kg per trolley
  • All accessories including cable, glands and buffers available
  • Systems available pre-assembled

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